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We offer business services: tax planning, tax credits, research and development, employee benefits, medical expense reimbursement program, work site benefits, cost segregation, and a range of insurance products.

Business Growth Planning

Your goals and dreams are unique to you and your team. Our Business Growth Planning platform allows us to meet you where you're at in your growth phase, making adjustments to stay on course.

Capital Gains Planning

Exiting from a highly appreciated asset such as a business or a real estate holding can have massive tax consequences. Proper planning can reduce or eliminate much of this burdensome expense.

Employee Retention & Attraction

Your best competitive advantage is in your people. Attracting and retaining top talent, while reducing the gaps in skill and talent, are very valuable in today's job environment.

Tax Planning

It's estimated 9 out of 10 business owners are overpaying on their taxes. If you take risks to grow a business, provide jobs, and produce goods and services to our country, you are entitled to all the benefits the tax code provides.

Tax Reduction Strategies

The vast majority of successful business owners regularly miss out on hundreds of tax deductions. Our flagship Tax Reduction Plan opens the door to real savings by leveraging the tax code to its fullest potential.

Tax Credits & Incentives

We have a dedicated division focused full time on tax credits such as the R&D and ERTC. Whether you are a business owner or a general practice accounting firm, our team is available to assist you in leveraging these lucrative opportunities.

Why Choose CTC ?

We bring you money, or we don’t get paid!

We dig deep into your business to provide you a real tax strategy. We don't just tell you to buy new equipment to save on taxes. We customize based on your business.

We think about your business needs not just during tax season. We are real people working with you and we listen to your goals and dreams.

Fighting for your ERTC in DC

We are engaged, staying informed, and have made strides with legislators about ERTC staus. We will continue to travel to Washington, DC to fight for refunds being processed for our clients. Please contact us with any questions.

MERP for Employers

A MERP is any IRS-approved health plan or arrangement where an organization reimburses employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred by employees or their dependents. All reimbursements are paid to the employee 100% tax-free if you administer it correctly.

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CTC is an agency that strives to lead clients into the future with solutions that leave them ahead of their competition. By building employee benefits packages that rival anything on the market today, employers can retain key employees to aid in the success of their business.

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After 25 years of working with business and tax consultants, I can say that Mark Speake and Commerce Terrace Consulting are second to none. They are among the few you can trust with ERTC. 

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